2016 wrap up & 2017 Reading Challenge

So as I am discovering new people, one of my friends told me to check out Anne over at Modern Mrs. Darcy! What a fantastic suggestion!

She has posted some great Reading Challenges that I am excited to share! You can Join the Challenge and get your kit or click on THIS LINK!

Please share any reading challenges you have discovered or post some titles you are excited to check off your list for the upcoming year!

I also recently got my 2016 Year in Review from Goodreads! Check it out and compare thoughts with me! Of course the year is not over, and I am positive I will complete another book or two! But I like seeing where I am at currently!


That's A Wrap.jpg.pngMy 2016 reading faves:

I read The Giver (for the third time) and it will always be one of my favorites, along with the other 3 in the series. So excluding those, I give you my top 5. 20518838

5. The Vault of Dreamers – This book ranks above it’s sequel The Rule of Mirrors, but I am still anxiously awaiting the third release in this trilogy, The Keep of Ages, set to come out July, 2017.


4. While The Testing is a perfect blend for me between the Divergent series and the Hunger Games, it still has that same-ol’-same feel when it comes to YA books (which I am a fan of). It’s hard to compare YA books because a lot do have the same qualities about them. I do feel this book was well executed though!



3. I am late reading this series but better late than never!! Cinder is, what I believe, to be the best in the series. Some would argue that Winter was, but I kindly say “You are wrong!” Haha just kidding! 🙂
You can’t be wrong if you choose ANY of these to be your favorite.

2. Orphan Train was such a great surprise to me. I went in with no expectations and was greatly rewarded! It was a wonderful standalone that in the end made me feel complete, but not in the cheesy way. I am so happy to have joined the Big Read challenge this year with this book!


1. There are books I borrow and there are books I buy … I bought this one – even though I originally borrowed it!


Just WELL DONE Marissa. You are doing wonderful things and I am so excited that I got to enjoy them ALL this year! When it takes me days/weeks to recover from a book, that is when I know I truly loved it. The joy and pain this book gave me has taken it’s toll on me haha! I am still trying to figure out ways to change the ending, as if I am Cath. “If I (meaning Cath) would have heard Cheshire out, maybe I could save Mary Ann and Jest.” Oh the infinite possibilities, but
1. I am not the writer, and
2. The ending was predestined
No matter, I am completely thrilled with this book am already planning to read it again! 

Well, I truly hope to see your comments and look forward to my new 2017 reading challenges!

~ Penny for your thoughts


3 thoughts on “2016 wrap up & 2017 Reading Challenge

  1. I’m glad to see that you loved The Testing and Cinder so much! I’m hoping to read both of those next year at some point. 🙂 Heartless was a fantastic book! That was my first Marissa Meyer book and it definitely did not disappoint. It made me eager to finally check out The Lunar Chronicles. 🙂
    I’m going to be doing a couple of challenges in 2017. I just posted my sign-up/TBR for the Beat the Backlist Challenge hosted by Novel Knight which I’m really looking forward to. Plus, Book Riot is doing their annual Read Harder challenge which I’m going to be kind of participating in lol I’m going to try to get at least a few of their challenges done, but I definitely won’t get them all done. 😛

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    • Nice! I am going to have to check those challenges out! Thanks for the info. Heartless is my favorite read from Marissa but I do suggest the Lunar chronicles if you get a chance. The best thing I like about reading books late… I don’t have to wait for tge next one to be published lol.

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